Innovation and Translation Summit

November 2022: This year’s Innovation and Translation Summit offered a wealth or continuous professional development opportunities.

Some of the session highlights are:

  • Elizabeth Adams – More productive online searches
  • Isa Otterbein – Inclusive language in translation
  • Corinne McKay – Money matters: How much do you actually need to earn as a freelance translator?​
  • Dorothee Racette – Adjusting your mindset for balanced productivity​
  • Michael Schubert – Penetrating the premium translation market​
  • Jost Zetzsche – Software for success​

I’m grateful for this invaluable learning opportunity and look forward to the 2023 summit!


Get to know me

Susanne Henke is a quality-driven freelance translator specializing in medicine, law and human resources. Founded near Washington, D.C. in 1995, her translation office is now serving healthcare organizations, law firms, international corporations and private individuals all over the world from premises in Augsburg / Greater Munich, Germany.

Susanne is publicly appointed and sworn in by German courts for English, French and German translations. As such, she is authorized to issue notarized translations.

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