Fine-tuning your text output to make your message sound authentic

Experienced, culturally aware translators with subject-matter expertise are frequently asked to edit third-party translations. Editing is considered a crucial workflow step to ensure translation quality. Editors check translations for technical and linguistic accuracy and build and maintain an authentic tone and style.

Why editing is crucial …

  • Not every translator out there has sufficient experience or subject-matter expertise to fully grasp your text.
  • Documents with technical jargon, puns or cultural allusions are often misunderstood by translators who have not been fully immersed into the language and culture of the source text for long stretches of time.
  • Translations are often produced under time pressure due to tight turnaround times. A second pair of eyes can do wonders for catching errors, improving style (a translation should never sound translated) and ensuring consistency.

… and pays for itself

  • With their wealth of experience, expertise … and just a hint of perfectionism … editors improve the quality of your translated content.
  • Editors double-check your source text where necessary,
  • provide valuable guidance (terminology management, QA workflow, translation vendor management) and
  • take your business to the next level by applying industry-specific jargon to ensure that your reach your target audience.

Try me and see for yourself!

Skilled editors manage to build and maintain an authentic tone and style. Merely conveying the precise meaning of your source text is not enough. The way we address your audience must feel natural to them. We must speak to them as if the text had originally been written in their native language. That is an art by itself, and it takes an experienced and highly trained editor to accomplish.

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Partnering with a skilled professional to edit your talent development, training and e-learning materials can considerably increase your ROI. DEI awareness is key to your success.

Tip: Talent Development, Training and E-learning

For years, I have been successfully supporting major leadership development and assessment organizations in localizing their products and services for the German market. I can help you create solutions that are tailored to your audience, sound natural, and meet diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) requirements.