We have been specializing in medical and legal translation for 20+ years.

Bridging the language gap for medical, HR and legal professionals

Founded near Washington, D.C. in 1995, Susanne Henke | Translations is now serving healthcare organizations, law firms and international corporations all over the world.

Unparalleled commitment, passion for the industry and profound medical, talent development and legal expertise turn each and every project into a success story for my clients. This unique added value is key to your international success and to improving your patients’ outcomes.

Let me bridge the language gap for you, too, and see for yourself why my clients value my continued partnership!

Areas of expertise

Over the past decades, I have become a subject-matter expert in fields such as Medicine, Law, HR (Human Resources), Talent Development, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ) and E-learning. Please click here for an in-depth view of my areas of expertise and the text types involved.

Medical translation

Please don’t place your patients‘ lives into the hands of a chatbot or the first translator that comes to mind. Trust the experts! Hire a certified medical translator.

Quality medical translation saves lives! Please don’t place your patients‘ lives into the hands of a chat bot or the first translator that comes to mind. Trust the experts! Hire a certified medical translator to get crucial medical records translated from English to German or vice versa.

When translating patient records into English, I use my paid subscription to the American Medical Association Manual of Style. The AMA Manual of Style is a must-have guide for anyone involved in medical and scientific publishing, providing everything you need to produce well-organized and clear manuscripts.

Furthermore, I have attended countless physician-led workshops on translating patient records, such as discharge reports, laboratory reports, visit notes and tumor conference reports. Getting German medical translation services directly from the source you trust has never been easier. Contact me now!

Translating HR, talent development, training and e-learning materials

Partnering with a skilled professional to translate and edit your HR (human resources), talent development, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and E-learning materials can considerably increase your ROI. DEI awareness is key to your success. My clients value my unparalleled commitment, continued support and partnership, and I love to go the extra mile to not only meet but also exceed their expectations.

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What sets me apart: subject-matter expertise and continuing education

For a detailed description of my areas of expertise, experience and text types, please click here.

To see what I do to keep up with technological advances in your fields of business, please click Continuing Education.

I am court-certified in Germany for English to German, German to English and French to German translation, as well as certified by the American Translators Association for English to German translation.

Behind-the-Scenes Guide to Translation

A translation:

    • requires a deep understanding of the source text.
    • must take into account industry-specific terminology.
    • must align with your corporate identity, company-specific terminology and proprietary tools.
    • should never sound translated.
    • must comply with official regulations and industry conventions.
    • must accurately convey all aspects of a highly complex subject matter into the target language.

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Why work with a professional translator specializing in your field?

Why is a medical translator so imperative for a medical text? Two words: specialized terminology. That is, each technical term has a precise meaning. If the translator fails to convey the precision of the term, the translation fails in its purpose. For example, “titrate the reagent at a rate of 10ml per minute” may require a translator who understands titration.

A non-scientific translator who lacks an understanding of titration might Google the term and attempt to render it literally. If the source text is English, the translator might use target-language terms such as “pour,” “measure,” and “analyze.” These, however, fail to convey the precise definition of the word.

That’s why I am continuously striving to stay on top of technological advances in your fields of business. I am keeping my finger on the pulse for youto live up to my promise to guarantee you the best possible quality.