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Ich habe mit Susanne Henke in meinem vorherigen Beruf jahrelang sehr erfolgreich zusammen gearbeitet und kann sie nur wärmstens empfehlen. Man bekommt von ihr nicht nur erstklassige Qualität geliefert, und zwar stets pünktlich, sondern die Zusammenarbeit mit Susanne ist auch noch absolut reibungslos, professionell und angenehm.

In my former role as Vendor Manager for one of the world’s leading Localization companies, I worked with Susanne for many, many years and can recommend her translation services without any limitation. Not only has Susanne always shown highest professionalism in terms of quality and punctuality, she has been a pleasure to deal with from a personal perspective, too. I know her being very clear about what she can and cannot do, and I very much appreciate her eagerness for life-long learning, especially when it comes to further qualify and excel in all aspects of Medical Translation… which is so important in this translation sector.

Anne Baumgart, ehem. Language Resources Manager / General Manager German Network office,
SDL International, 23. Februar 2020


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