From enabling communication between various facilities in the health care system and protecting sensitive medical data all the way to simulating surgical procedures and diagnostic image processing…
Modern medicine is inconceivable without computer science. Due to rapid medical progress, IT has long since become an indispensable partner. It contributes to high-quality patient care and an efficient health system. At the interface of medicine and information technology, there is therefore a high demand for well-trained experts.

Information, education and communication – three central terms in today’s healthcare system. They should contribute to an increase in the quality, transparency and efficiency of health care.
Medical informatics as an application-oriented informatics discipline is concerned with the support and design of medical decision-making and care processes and information management in the health care system.
It researches, develops and operates comprehensive medical information systems and telematics applications. It provides methods for information evaluation and information use for medicine, economy and citizens.

Medical Information sciences, also known as medical informatics, therefore comprises science, technology and service. The central goal of medical information sciences is to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care—even beyond institutional boundaries. Modern information technologies are the means to achieve these goals.


Looking for a translator or interpreter? Let me bridge the language gap for you. I’ve been specializing in providing linguistic assistance to the medical and legal communities for decades. Here is how I can support you:

  • Specialized translations of cutting-edge quality – Getting your message across the world.
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  • Glossaries – Meticulous terminology research. Making sure everyone in your company speaks the same language.
  • Translation Content Management  – Managing your translation database to maximize efficiency, consistency and quality.


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