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Are your looking for a translator or interpreter specializing in medicine, biotechnology, patents and / or law? Special MEDICAL and LEGAL expertise round off our portfolio and guarantee you solutions at the highest level.

This added value makes all the difference and gives you a significant competitive edge on the international playing field (...)

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We will go the extra mile to ensure that your translated documents will be recognized by courts and authorities by providing certified (notarized / sworn) translations in the following languages:
English | French | German
Our office is located in Greater Munich, near Augsburg, a historic town founded by the Romans in 15 BC. Our clients are located anywhere from Berlin to Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Mannheim, Tübingen, Stuttgart, Donauwörth, Paris, Toulouse, New York, Washington D.C, Seattle and San Francisco.

Premium quality, international experience, proven expertise

8 years of professional experience in the USA, 15 years in Germany, 5 million translated words and 3000 successfully completed projects (...)

Ongoing training and in-depth industry knowledge are indispensable building blocks for state-of-the-art medical and legal translations. That's why we are constantly striving to remain at the forefront of technological advances in your fields of business (...).

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Our experienced team
Susanne Henke | Medical and Legal Translations German | English | French
Administrative Assistant

Stress? Never heard of it.
Areas of responsibility:
Welcoming clients
Ensuring a healthy work-life balance
Boot camp trainer

Language profile:
1st mother tongue: body language
2nd mother tongue: Doggish
(barks fluently in all languages)
1st foreign language: German (in extracts)

Susanne Henke | Medical and Legal Translations German | English | French
Management and Customer Care

German native speaker with 20+ years of international translation experience

5 million translated words and 3000 successfully completed projects

Proven medical and legal expertise

Certified by the American Translators Association for English-into-German translation

Sworn Translator: English | French | German

8+ years of U.S. work experience as a translator, editor and linguistic consultant

Susanne Henke | Medical and Legal Translations German | English | French
Scientific Contributor

Full-time student, Biocenter of the University of Würzburg
Areas of responsibility:
Life science expertise
Scientific editing

Language profile:
1st mother tongue: German
2nd mother tongue: English
1st foreign language: French
2nd foreign language: Spanish